Helping DeFacto Establish its Presence in the European Market

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Communication /
Strategy, Tone of Voice, Messaging, SM
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Visual Templates, Brand Book, UI Design

On A Quest For Deeper Insight

Entering a new market is definitely not an easy task. Potential customers don’t know you, and big competitors show no mercy.

Acknowledging the complexity of developing a market entry and communications strategy, NOA’s #DreamTeam delved into extensive research – the crucial first phase of our work with DeFacto.

Interviewing DeFacto representatives allowed us to understand the expansion objectives of the brand. Whereas interviewing potential shoppers from the UK and Germany gave us insights into the pain points and mindset of the modern-day EU shoppers.

To grasp a better vision of what can be done, we carefully analyzed competitors and industry trends in the European market.

The results of our research pointed to the importance of communicating DeFacto as an empathetic brand that cares for the feelings and needs of its customers.

It’s All About Empathy and Inclusivity

Once we gathered all the key insights to build a clear path for growth, our team identified two main communication objectives:

  • creating brand awareness & trust
  • increasing brand engagement & loyalty.


Based on these objectives, we created a living and breathing system of communication messages and activities that can easily adapt to tell a variety of stories and signal a breadth of promises to the new customers, namely that Defacto is everyone’s brand. 

Most importantly, we developed a clear brand essence and tone of voice; suitable with DeFacto’s new brand philosophy: being an empathetic business that makes fashion accessible for everyone.

NOA has reflected the new branding and strategy in various touch points such as: a brand book for developed markets, email marketing, UI design assets, a yearly social media strategy and execution as well as other marketing assets. Throughout the year, we developed close relationships with both macro and micro influencers on Instagram to bolster brand awareness and trust. Simultaneously, we tailored impactful giveaways and campaigns to increase audience engagement and loyalty.

A Joyful Brand Identity

DeFacto is a family brand. With this in mind, we selected a lively color palette with warm primary and secondary colors. We developed all the brand visual templates and touchpoints, including the shipping box which was designed to convey a feeling of joy for those who receive it.

With an all-encompassing brand expansion and communications strategy, DeFacto has been equipped with the right strategy, messaging, and visual identity to reach the right audience in the UK and Germany.