Uplifting an Established Fashion Event with Stimulating Creative Ideas

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Collaborating with established brands and ideas and bringing our NOA twist to widely known and loved structures is a passion for us. That is why, we were thrilled to ideate and create with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in 2020 to breathe life into an already established event.

We have revitalized the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week event through concept building and creative asset production while staying true to the core value offer that made the event impactful and high-reaching in the past.

Feeling Exclusive While Being Inclusive — It is Possible!

Fashion world can feel somewhat exclusive and distant for the outsider. Imagine the natural community and the ecosystem around a regular fashion week, for example, will “approachable” be the first word that comes to mind? Probably not.

However, our team in NOA, just as the most of the creatives in the fashion industry, know very well that both industry growth and creative enhancement happens only when there is diverse voices and discussion within the ecosystem. That is why we were incredibly excited to introduce a fresh and all-embracing approach to this beautiful and exciting event.

A New Contemporary Concept: TOGETHER

While thinking of a notion that would reflect both the preeminent exclusivity of the Fashion Week and the inclusive nature of creative ideation and production we have devised the concept: Together. With this concept in mind, we have renewed and revitalized the annual organization for the event.

In establishing the concept “Together,” we have not only brainstormed with the event organizators but also discussed with the participants as well as the partners and creatives of the fashion ecosystem, in order to truly tap into their needs and desires. According to these insights, we have strived to create an attractive and approachable visual and linguistic tone for the event.

In alignment with the concept we have created marketing visuals that featured the act of creation in the moment, reflecting a moment of vulnerability that one might not be able to see often in fashion-forward spaces.

Creative Talks To Spark Creative Discussions

In search for a more inclusive, dynamic and youthful event structure, we have also contributed our creative touch to the event flow, suggesting event ideas that brought together a diverse group of doers and thinkers from the fashion world as well as from other sectoral backgrounds. For this we have conceptualized and executed creative talks that were unlike anything else that has been done before. We reached out to speakers who are trailblazers, accelerators and innovators in the fashion world  in order to facilitate thought provoking panel discussions.

Bringing forth creative and dynamic new approaches to an established event was a delightful challenge. It is always amazing to collaborate with such future-looking creatives and to see the impact of NOA magic so immediately.